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My Little Troll-y? vs. 1 by Cakefortwo My Little Troll-y? vs. 1 by Cakefortwo
Oh dear lord what have i done??

If anybody has been paying attention to my favorites, you'll notice a sudden and quite disturbing new hobby of mine... >.> *room darkens* ... Ponies.

I honestly never remember owning a "my little pony" growing up, although my mother swears i did o.O Whatever. But they're so adorable now, and the custom ones are just absolutely breathtaking in some cases, that i *may* have to splurge on some modclay soon and have a trip to goodwill!

Anyways, since the only pony i had on hand to mod was one from Mcdonalds, and having a SEVERE lack of modeling clay, i decided to do what i do best. Doodle shit. (Albeit HORRIBLE doodling, but still doodles nonetheless. Doodles is a fun word to say... XD)

Obviously this is my Troll Rogue Illondra... ponified. The only thing i'm truly *truly* proud of, is the darkspear symbol on her hip, and the teeny horde tattoo on her leg. Other than that? i wish i could scrap this whole thing o.O

Done in Prismas and Ink in about an Hour, cleaned up in Photoshop so you don't get to see all my icky pencil eraser screwups.

Rights to World of Warcraft belong to Blizzard, and Ponies belong to whoever the hell owns "My Little Pony". <3 (i don't own either of these companies, although sometimes i wish i did...)
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January 10, 2011
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